Klonopin – about dosage instruction

Are you suffering from the anxiety, seizure and panic disorder and attacks? Then you are at the right place here we are going to discuss medicine which you can take to treat those disease. This medicine you can take when it is prescribed by your doctor to take it. It is legal to use if the professional give you to treat after knowing your conditions.

When you are going to take, then you should take the proper dosage of this medicine. The dosage of this medicine depends on several factors. Those factors are:

  • the severity of your condition
  • age of the users
  • other medical conditions
  • a form of the medicine

The doctor should know these factors first, and after that, they prescribe you this medicine to take.

This medicine comes in the form of the tablet. When you take it then must sure that your hands should be clean and dry. The doctor also observes your condition and response to this medicine.

Basic information about the dosage

You should start taking this medicine from the low dosage to get effective respond and result. The adult dosage of Klonopin is about 1.5 mg which you take in three parts. Your doctor increases your dosage after some time up to 20 mg.

If this medicine is taking by the child, then their dosage depends on the weight of them. You can take this medicine with or without food.

Overdose of Klonopin

It is not right if you take too much dosage of this medicine. Some people think that if they take too much, then they will get a better and effective result from them.

It is not the fact if you take more than prescription then you will face the severe side effects of this medicine. There are some of the symptoms which express that you take the overdose of this medicine.

Symptoms of overdose

  • sleepiness
  • confusion
  • coma
  • depression and irregular heartbeat

If you will face any one of them then an immediate call to your doctor and take help regarding those symptoms.

Missed dosage

If you miss the dosage of this medicine, then take it as soon as you remember. Due to taking the more by your doctor prescription then it may increase the dependence on it. If it is the time for the next dosage, then skip that dosage and continue with your regular treatment.

Hope that this information is enough for you and you can take the proper dosage of Klonopin.