What are the negative effects of Klonopin?

As we know that Klonopin is the generic name of the Clonazepam which you can able to take with the doctor’s prescription. With the help of this medicine, you can treat the anxiety, seizures and panic disorder. It is highly prescribed medicine; it is recommended to you when your condition is severe, and no medicine can give you the result.

If you take without the doctor’s advice then you may face some of the side effects, sometimes which become severe that’s why if you will see the unusual symptoms then immediately contact your doctor and ask for the treatment. Abuse and misuse of Klonopin make you physically and psychological dependence on that medicine.

Short-term effects

If you take this medicine, then it effects on you in short-term and what they are:

  • reduced worry
  • decrease our stress
  • this medicine also slows down the rate of the respiratory system
  • slows down the heart rate and blood pressure
  • drowsiness

Some of the people are there who thinks that if they take it in high amount, then they get an effective and rapid result, but they are wrong. If they take more than recommend, then it can cause severe side effects.

Common side effects

There are some of the common side effects which become severe if you don’t inform your doctor immediately. It includes:

  • confusion
  • lack of coordination
  • lightheadedness and sleepiness
  • insomnia and problem related to sleep
  • blurred vision
  • irregular heartbeat

Severe side effects

Some of the adverse effects are there which is severe and take urgent medical attention. If you don’t inform your doctor right now, then you are also going to the next stage, and that is the death.

  • slow breathing
  • reduce the blood pressure suddenly
  • vomiting
  • urination problem
  • depressions
  • too much fatigue
  • aggression and anxiety

If you are facing any of them, then you should make a call to your doctor and take immediate treatment and stop taking it on the prescription of the doctor.

Effects of overdose

If you take the dosage more than the prescribed, then you will face the effects of Klonopin. If you take alcohol and other medicine with it, then it can increase the risk of the side effects.

Symptoms of overdose

  • weakness
  • memory loss
  • coma
  • slowed heartbeat

These are some symptoms which give you an idea about what you take the overdose of this medicine.

In the points as mentioned above, you know the complete detail about the side effects of Klonopin.